Our Financial Truth

I’m writing about money. I feel like there are rules about writing about money. Mainly I have a loud voice in my head shouting “Stop! Too personal! People will judge you! Don’t do it!” So I am fighting against that voice because I think this is important. I think it will help me process our … More Our Financial Truth

Stages of a Miscarriage

I’ve heard of stages of grief. You probably have too: disbelief, depression, anger, bargaining, and acceptance. There’s been research that now says not everyone experiences them in that order or may not even experience every stage. Miscarriage is a form of grief, but I’ve found those stages don’t quite capture what I’ve experienced and where … More Stages of a Miscarriage

Not There Yet

It has been 6 weeks since I had a miscarriage. I stopped bleeding and cramping two weeks after the miscarriage on July 2nd. I was able to take some days off of work and even travel with my husband to Milwaukee on a business trip and do some exploring. We bought a Rose of Sharon … More Not There Yet