10 Things About Me

I know I already shared a bit in my first post, but I thought this would be a good introduction to me as well. Plus on Facebook a few years ago it was popular to do 20 things you don’t know about me and I was too shy to put it out there. So here I am doing it now.

1. My love language is quality time. I love going on walks with people, sitting and drinking coffee together, whatever! I just need that face to face time to feel loved.

2. I never had a stuffed animal or blankie growing up. I felt like I got short changed as a kid so probably when I was about 10 years old I got a teddy bear from Grandma Reid and I still keep it in my room to this day.

3. I have found that whatever stage of life I’m in or hobby I’m into I can become obsessive about knowing as much as possible about it.  Meaning when I was into field hockey I was really into field hockey. Meaning when I was engaged I was obsessed with weddings.  Meaning I was obsessed with quilting and scrapbooking for a good 6 weeks during high school and have not touched either hobby since then. I have finally accepted I am not a hobby person. Or I just have a short attention span.

4. I love chocolate chip cookies. I don’t care how fancy the dessert is, what the options are, I will always go for the chocolate chip cookies. And don’t try to do anything funny to them (i.e oats, nuts, etc.).

5. I used to ask to be dropped off at the library or Barnes and Noble every Saturday when I was a kid. Still one of my fondest memories sitting for hours in a chair reading books. I have a deep love for reading.

6. I met my husband on a dating website while he was stationed in Afghanistan and we spent the first 4 months of our relationship emailing, skyping, and talking on the phone. Although there may have been a lot of tears during that time, I cherish those memories and cherish the emails I have with the sweet words he wrote to me.

7. I decided that I would feel like an adult when I had to pay for my own insurance. I do.  I still don’t feel like an adult.  I don’t know what thing happens that makes you feel like an adult.

8. I would wear dresses everyday if I could. Dresses or sweats. Working with young kids doesn’t make the dresses thing very practical and having a professional job doesn’t make the sweats thing very smart. But on any given weekend you will find me in a dress or sweats most likely.

9. The first time I took an airplane was when I was 10 years old and went to Chicago with my family. My mom and I went to the American Girl museum and it was a magical experience.

10. I have known since I was in 9th grade that I wanted to be a marriage therapist. I knew it deep down and have felt a passionate calling to it. I’m not exactly where I want to be in the profession, but I do feel like I’m making progress.   I believe that people experience God in their relationships and if I can be a part of helping people create healthy marriages and families it would be my honor.

That’s a start. What should I know about you that you’re willing to share?

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