Top 5 Must Have Baby Items: 0-3 mo


So I probably read AT LEAST a dozen similar articles about what must have items for when baby came. I then “averaged” everything together about what items were mentioned the most and purchased or added to registry accordingly. And what I learned was even with all this good advice baby will let you know what they like or don’t like. Because you never really know what your baby will like until baby is here…for example Charlotte hated any swaddling items, didn’t like any pacifiers or bottles, and a particular breastfeeding support pillow was not compatible with my large boobs! So that being said, I wanted to add in my two cents about what items I found most helpful in those early newborn days.

  1. A swing ! Any swing. I wish I would’ve listened and had this the moment she was born. We tried a bassinet and rock n’ play prior to the swing and maybe got 2 hour stretches from her. Charlotte slept so much better once we used the swing. Now I can’t speak to the weaning her off of it when she gets too big, but for now it is my best friend. I can put her down in the swing awake and she will put herself to sleep! I also will occasionally get long stretches of naps out of her (long meaning 3-4 hours). We went with a fischer-price swing that was 2 years old from a garage sale. Best $25 I spent!!!! But I’m sure worth full price if you want to get picky about which one you want. Garage sales are your best friend for baby stuff though because babies so quickly outgrow things and people don’t want the extra stuff taking up space so you get barely used items for great prices. The link I included is the most similar I could find to the one we found at a garage sale.
  1. Nose Frida : I’m sure you’ve heard of it and the hype surrounding it. It is as amazing as people rave about. Easiest way to help baby breath better and get out those boogies you see. My husband gags when he uses it, but I think it’s kinda cool sucking the snot out and feel success when she breaths better! It was on my registry and no one got it so it was one of the things we got on our last Target run before baby came.
  1. Hulu/Netflix/Amazon Prime etc. : yes worth including. Newborns like to be held and fed. If you are stuck under a sleeping baby you want to be able to point and click and pull up some binge-worthy shows to indulge in. My show of choice was watching The Office from start to finish. Charlotte will now stop crying when she hears the theme song.
  1. EMAB Natural Nipple Butter : Again, I heard this was a must and opted for something more natural with this earth mama angel baby one. I love it and don’t have to wait to breastfeed after I apply. Your nipples will be sore and your nipples will thank you for this cream.   I used it a lot at the beginning and now just have to use occasionally if Charlotte is in a cluster feeding mood.
  1. Dim lighting: I don’t have a link because we just bought a dim light bulb to put in the lamp on my nightstand. So glad I had this for the early breastfeeding days when I didn’t really know what I was doing and needed light to see to make sure she latched properly, but didn’t want anything too bright to wake her up too much.

This list could go on and on because even though I am attempting to do Baby Minimalism baby needs stuff or more accurately mamas need stuff to make life easier. I should also say there are cheaper options or you could just do without these things, but hey, I value sleep and comfort. What is on your must have list for those early newborn days?

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