A little bit about a quiet life happy wife

Hello.  Nice to meet you! I am assuming if you are here we already know each other, but even if that is true, I would still like to tell you a little bit about what to expect from this blog.

I had been thinking about staring a blog for awhile.  I just wanted a place to share my thoughts and feelings.  Work out things going on in my overanalyzing brain and hopefully connect with people along the way.

“A Quiet Life Happy Wife” was not my first choice for a name.  BUT, that being said, I do believe things happen for a reason so since I have it now, I am choosing to believe it was meant to be.  The first part of the name “a quiet life” comes from me being an introvert.  I define introvert as being someone who gets energy from being alone.  I mean I love people (duh, I’m a therapist, of course I heart people).  I just love having one on one interactions the most.  I like having deeper conversations and avoid small talk if I can.  It means I am perfectly content being by myself most of the time and when I do feel like hanging out with people it’s going to be my husband, my close family, or a few friends.  I wish it meant I was all interesting and had a lot of hobbies, but let’s be real.  I spend most of my alone time watching way too many tv series on Netflix and reading other blogs.  I don’t have many crazy happenings in my life and I am quite content with my quiet life.

The second part “happy wife” comes from the newest title I have in my life.  I have been married for 23 months and still consider myself a newlywed.  I haven’t had the wife title as long as I have had the others — family therapist, daughter, sister, friend, Christ follower, baker, Target-fanatic.  I am also not just a happy wife because my husband treats me like princess.  I choose to be happy every day regardless of my circumstances and I purposefully choose to pour into my marriage and make it better.

So okay, we get the title, Sarah, now what can we expect from the blog?  Good question.  Fair question.  I wish I had an equally perfect answer for you, but the truth is that I am still figuring it out.  I have some ideas (personal and professional marriage advice, recent Busch family happenings, links to other blogs and articles I love, life trying to love Jesus and people, recipes anyone can follow).  So we’ll just start there and see what happens.

Welcome.  Grab some tea or something chocolate and hang out with me!  I hope you feel comfortable enough to share your own thoughts.  Be kind.  I didn’t start this blog to open up to all sorts of mean (my sensitive self couldn’t take it).  Can’t wait to see where this leads us.  I have good feelings about you and me.  Thanks for stopping by.

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